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Many businesses run successfully and incident free most of the time, but that is never coincidence! To operate successfully, all businesses require a positive outlook for the future and at least a basic level of budgeting, cost analysis, cashflow management and finance. I can assist you to ensure that all these basic functions are in place as well as more comprehensive business plans and strategic planning where required.

When things are not so straight forward and a business is struggling for profit, I understand how difficult it can be to initiate and effect change on your own. In so many ways an independent view, a fresh pair of eyes, can help. Often this is simply working with you to break the business down into “bite sized” parts; together we can scrutinise each and every part of the business, to identify the issues to address.

I can help you to understand what needs to change and why and then together, we can formulate a plan, initiate the plan, monitor the outcomes and adapt the plan to meet changing circumstances as we progress together.

It is important that to be able to help you, we have to be able to get along and trust each other.  For this a free initial consultation, without cost or obligation is always available. If you think I can help you, call me. I will listen carefully and then make and agree a proposal for future action, providing a quote that is realistic and cost effective.

My maxim is a straight forward proposal to you:

“I will go anywhere for a chat, simply for a cup of coffee” (....and a biscuit!)

To contact me directly: email or mobile 07768 465727 or:LinkedIn

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Thank you once again for all the time and trouble you have gone to on our behalf