Machinery Sharing Options

Machinery Sharing Options

At the risk of sounding like a sofa salesman, there are great savings to be made!

Machinery sharing is a concept often discussed (and readily available) but all too rarely adopted. In essence, it is quite simple to share a machine such as a harvester or planter but more difficult to allocate tractors, implements, management and driver time. Opportunities abound to reduce machinery costs through sharing and I have extensive experience and sound information against which to benchmark your costs and then help you to identify ways to reduce those costs through sharing. My experience and advice has assisted farmers to benefit through cooperation and share either a single machine or a full complement of machinery and labour. This can be achieved in a number of ways but all too often, the opportunity to benefit is lost through lack of advice and the best plans often founder over the detail.

I can help you to overcome the obstacles and harvest the savings.

Let’s talk through how this could work for you.

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