Succession Planning

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In my view this is the most important and possibly the single biggest issue facing the industry. For all businesses, (sole traders, partnerships and incorporated entities), succession planning may not appear urgent and, as it may be complicated, it is too easily put on the ‘back burner’. But it is not just tax planning that is required for the significant capital values of land and property, it is also necessary to plan and understand who will be running the business in the future. Each farm may be supporting several generations; there is no longer a job for everyone and, indeed, not everyone wants a job. The capital intensive nature of our industry makes an equitable distribution of assets something of an art rather than a science.

If you have concerns for the future structure of your business or for your inheritants, I can help to advise and guide you, promote a discussion and engender a better understanding of hurdles and outcomes for all parties.

As an impartial third party, I can ask the difficult family questions and broach the sensitive family issues necessary to ensure a smooth transition.

I have helped to steer many businesses through the sensitive subjects of succession and family demergers, also divorce and insolvency/administration. If I can help you with such sensitive matters, please call me personally.

What Our Clients Say...

Thank you for helping us obtain the farm tenancy, particularly at such short notice