Basic Payment Scheme

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The Basic Payment Scheme, BPS, replaced SPS in 2015. There have been significant and potentially quite complex changes with the migration to the online system to detail ‘three crops’, Ecological Focus Areas (EFAs) and mapping.

Information is continually updated for us by defra as they interpret the new rules and develop the systems and guidance that we will use. There is also a new .gov site to embrace detailing all aspects of the new regulations, including greening and the relationship with continuing Environmental Schemes (ELS/HLS)

Further changes will occur, most significantly perhaps will be the removal of nitrogen fixing crops from their role in establishing the EFA for many farms.

Full details at

If I can help you, let me know, as most of the work, particularly accessing and updating the on-line portal, can be initiated well in advance of the annual May 15th deadline.

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